Scientists searched by means of archive collections for preserved animals from South America. They had been in search of “ghost”-like creatures — they usually discovered a number of.

The researchers had been learning Otoniela spiders, additionally recognized as ghost spiders, in line with a research printed Dec. 8 within the journal Zootaxa. For years, there have been solely two recognized species of ghost spiders.

Ghost spiders earned their title as a result of they’re “very quick” and “troublesome to see” within the wild, the research’s lead writer Luiz Fernando Oliveira instructed McClatchy Information through e-mail.

Within the archives, researchers discovered 20 similar-looking ghost spiders, the research mentioned. Taking a more in-depth take a look at the animals, the scientists realized they’d found a brand new species: Otoniela lupercioi, or Lupercioi’s ghost spider.

Lupercioi’s ghost spiders can attain a few quarter of an inch in size, the research mentioned. They’ve eight legs, eight eyes and a brown physique. Photographs present the female and male spider.

A male (A) and female (B) Otoniela lupercioi, or Lupercioi’s ghost spider.

A male (A) and feminine (B) Otoniela lupercioi, or Lupercioi’s ghost spider.

Uncover extra new species

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Feminine Lupercioi’s ghost spiders have an “ample” epigynum, or exterior genitalia, and a “massive” spermathecae, an inner reproductive organ used to retailer sperm, the research mentioned. Researchers recognized the brand new species by its genitalia.

A number of Lupercioi’s ghost spiders had been discovered at a hydroelectric energy plant in Brazil, researchers mentioned. A YouTube video from Renato Piai Vicalvi reveals this power plant. Different spiders had been present in Argentina and Paraguay.

Oliveira mentioned that ghost spiders are usually discovered close to water, however a lot about their pure habitats stays unknown.

Researchers mentioned they named the brand new species in reminiscence of Oliveira’s father, Lupercio de Oliveira.

The analysis crew included Luiz Fernando Oliveira, José Geraldo De Alvarenga and Antonio Brescovit. Researchers additionally found 5 extra new species of ghost spider.

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