• Donald Trump displayed mysterious crimson marks on his hand at a latest public look.

  • The web guessed that it might be attributable to “hand herpes” or a tough fall.

  • A dermatologist speculated that the hand marks are rashes and might be attributable to many issues.

Former president Donald Trump displayed mysterious red marks on his hand when he left his New York residence on Wednesday to attend E. Jean Carroll’s second defamation trial.

As with Trump’s health in the past, folks on X (previously Twitter) have been fast to invest about what precipitated the marks. Some guessed that he had “hand herpes” or could have recently had a fall.

Whereas it is tough to diagnose a pores and skin situation from only one picture, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, an affiliate professor of dermatology on the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York Metropolis, instructed Enterprise Insider that Trump possible has a rash — which might be attributable to virtually something.

“Rashes on the palms might be attributable to a wide range of components, starting from infections to inflammatory circumstances to exterior exposures,” Zeichner mentioned.

Zeichner shared 4 prospects for the rashes on Trump’s palms, all of that are possible much less attention-grabbing than what the web is theorizing.

Risk 1: His palms are too dry

Zeichner mentioned that the most typical causes of hand rashes are dryness and overwashing. Provided that Trump is a self-proclaimed “germophobe,” the extreme handwashing principle may try. Chilly temperatures also can result in dry pores and skin, which is extra widespread within the winter.

Risk 2: Blisters from enjoying golf

One other risk is blisters, which Zeichner mentioned might be attributable to “friction from actions like golf, weightlifting, or baseball.” Since Trump is known to golf a lot, that is additionally a believable state of affairs.

Risk 3: He acquired lime juice on his palms

Zeichner mentioned that “even lime juice publicity within the presence of daylight could cause a chemical burn to the pores and skin,” in any other case often known as “margarita burn.” Whereas Trump doesn’t drink alcohol, a citrusy mocktail may trigger the welts.

Risk 4: Not one of the above

As Zeichner identified, hand rashes might be attributable to virtually something, together with one thing as unsuspecting as bug bites. Except the previous president confirms what precipitated the marks, we could by no means truly know.

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