Computer systems flip math into objects and pictures. Jason Fenske, referred to as the maestro at YouTube channel Engineering Explained, turns objects and pictures again into math to assist us perceive how issues work, what they imply, and, on this case, whether or not issues are true. In relation to the boast concerning the Tesla Cybertruck that is towing a Porsche 911 beating a Porsche 911 over the quarter-mile or eighth-mile, Fenske’s math reveals that no, these pictures weren’t true. So he made a video about it. And everyone knows what occurs with these sorts of Tesla encounters: The Sharks and The Jets present as much as battle it out within the feedback. On the time of writing, Fenske’s vid has 2.3 million views and eight,275 feedback Plus a postscript that Fenske added on X to make clear a few of the math elements to the Tesla-no-matter-what gang has one other 10,000 views.

Even a Tesla engineer wrote in to touch upon the vid, and never simply any engineer, however lead Cybertruck engineer Wes Morrill. Morrill’s thread on X — which has an extra 861,000 views on the time of writing — caught to the subject, put context to the video, and tried to elucidate why Tesla phrased the competition within the method it did. In different phrases, it was the start of one of the best type of dialogue. As Fenske wrote, “Plenty of of us, myself included, might study from Wes’s professionalism.” 

Nonetheless did not change the outcomes of Fenske’s evaluation, the comical recap of the re-analysis being, “Primarily based on my math, I don’t suppose the Cybertruck beats the Porsche 911 within the 1/4 mile, if it’s additionally towing stated Porsche. Therefore, the title is what the title is, primarily based on the contents of the video.” 

Now that we have heard from Tesla, we’re ready to search out out if Porsche wrote Fenske to remark concerning the inexperienced 911 rendering, “You suppose you are humorous? Persist with the maths.”

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