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Arkansas Trooper Shows Ford Mustang Who’s Boss

Arkansas Trooper Shows Ford Mustang Who’s Boss

We’re constantly amazed at the level of patience so many law enforcement officers show for people who run from them and then try gaslighting cops. That’s exactly what the driver of this Ford Mustang that was allegedly running fictitious tags did, but the dashcam footage clearly shows he thought the little pony could outrun the law. Instead, he got wrecked and faces harsher consequences than if he had just pulled over.

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There’s a big debate raging right now over plate readers on police cars and whether or not they’re a violation of the Fourth Amendment. We’re not going to weigh into that, but it is worth noting that it appears what tips this trooper off to the Texas tags not being valid is a hit from the plate reader.

After switching on his lights and getting behind the Mustang, the suspect at first seems to comply with the traffic stop and pulls onto the shoulder. But he never comes to a complete stop and instead decides to slowly drive away. Why? Is he not very bright? On something? Trying to act casual? Who knows.

Not that we’re advising anyone to run from the cops, but if you do that’s the time to really push your vehicle and let loose. Of course, that also means you’re risking wrecking out big and possibly killing yourself as well as some innocent people, which is why you should just pull over and take your citation like a grown man.

What’s more, this little pony only has a V6, so it’s not exactly fast, but we’re sure the suspect could’ve coaxed it to go a little quicker. Fortunately he didn’t, so his fleeing speed was kept below 50 mph, making the resulting PIT less brutal.

The trooper even seemed apologetic in the video about doing the PIT on the Mustang, expressing that he didn’t want to but had no choice. Maybe he should follow the advice of “police experts” on Reddit and just shoot out the tires instead, since that’s so “easy.”

Anyway, the PIT is beautiful, spinning the Mustang 180 degrees, bringing the low-speed chase to an abrupt and rather peaceful halt. But the suspect still tries to drive away, then lowers his window to argue with the trooper like he’s a Karen, complaining he can’t go to his “granddaddy’s house.” As he’s getting cuffed, the guy drops the bomb: “Sir, I wasn’t running from you, though.” Right, tell it to the judge.

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