1.Consider it or not, that is NOT a lake:

A lake that looks like a wall

2.Ouch, my mind:

A parking garage

3.I am, like, 99% positive this individual is fishing out of an airplane:

a fishing pole that looks like it's high in the air

4.All proper, who seasoned the cat:

A cat on a piece of seasoned chicken

5.My eyessssssssss:

a person with see-through shoes on an escalator

6.Why on earth are the dividers see-thr — ohhh, it is a reflection:

bathroom urinals look like they've got a see-through partition

7.This may completely scare me to loss of life:

looks like there's a giant praying mantis in the yard

8.By no means has something lined up this completely, ever:

glass building has clouds reflected on it to blend with the sky

9.Driveway, or concrete wall?

photo looks like the driveway is lifted feet off the ground

10.Arctic expedition, or icy windshield? Both means, it is chilly:

windshield looks like it's got a mountain landscape drawn on it

11.I believe I noticed this as soon as on Pimp My Trip:

reflection from the window makes it look like there's a pool table on the back of a car

12.Choose eraser software –> erase constructing:

side of a brick building seems to be painted the same color as the sky

13.Do not fall into the Allen wrench case — AAAAAAaaaaaaaₐₐₐₐₐₐₐ:

allen wrench case looks like it goes on forever

14.Okay, so there’s an overhang on the porch that is masking up a part of the ladder, however truthfully, for a second I believed that they had a big digital clock on their roof:

ladder looks like it's going through the roof

15.That is both masterful stonework, orrrrrrrr simply shadows:

shadows on the columns make it looks like bigger bites were taken from the middle

16.I actually could not determine this one out till somebody instructed me:

shadow of a window makes it look like it's levatating

17.Wow, these aquarium decorations are getting so life-like:

reflection makes it look like a dog is lying inside a fish tank

18.And that is it for as we speak. See ya!

statue of a horse creeping from the side of the building that looks like it's waving with a human hand

H/T r/confusing_perspective

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